Homebrew: Fruity Tooti

Submitted by DM on Mon, 03/04/2017 - 10:52

My recent beer saison made with some acid malt was a big hit with friends and as the winter weather is conducive to brewing lager, I decided to make a lager with acid malt.   Throwing caution to the wind - and receiving 100% extra acid malt for free when I bought 500g - I added more than style guidelines suggest for acid malt addition.

After showing the ingredient list to my daughter, she came up with the name!

Mash - 1 hour at 67°C

2 Kg Pilsner malt

500g acid malt

Boil - 1 hour

25g Amarillo hops (8.8% alpha acid) 30 mins from end

25g Amarillo hops 10 mins from end

1 teaspoon Irish Moss 10 mins from end

Cooled rapidly using my homemade wort chiller to 16°C & Saflager S-23 yeast pitched.   The OG was 1.042 & the PG at bottling was 1.012 giving an alcohol level of 4.0%, but with the priming sugar this will be closer to 4.2%.   The calculated bitterness was 27 IBU.

50g Amarillo hops were added as dry hops & the zest of 1 lemon, 1 lime & 1 orange put in the dry hop bag.

Fermented for 8 days at 16°C.

Verdict on bottling - an air freshener beer!   The aroma from this is wonderfully citrussy.   The flavour is sharply acid & very lemony.   It hasn't cleared yet, with a very fine haze still.

It has started to clear & I really should wait longer to taste it, but couldn't.   It is the best beer I've brewed in quite a while, although it won't appeal to all.   Wonderfully sharp & lemony, it is a most refreshingly moreish beer.

Highly carbonated, wonderful lemon aroma - a little like Sorachi Ace hops (and *that* characteristic aroma / flavour!) - sharply acidic. Not like any beer I've brewed before - my previous sours were all naturally soured with wild yeasts & bacteria rather than pre-soured in a controlled way by the manufacturer.

A super beer that I'll be brewing again. It's just a shame not many people I know locally like sour beer to share it with!